Here at zooplus we reward you for your loyalty with zooPoints. Registered customers automatically earn 1 point for every £1.00 of order value. Collecting zooPoints pays off and it's quick and easy to redeem your zooPoints.  


Simply choose an item in our Rewards Shop, add it to your basket and redeem your points to get it for free!


Please note: 

  • Earned points will be credited to your account once your order has been paid in full and is confirmed as booked in our system
  • Should the value of your order decrease (e.g. returned product, etc.), you will only be credited with points for the actual amount paid
  • If zooPoints are not redeemed for a Reward within 12 months from the time they were credited to your account, they will expire at the end of the quarter. You can check the expiry date in your "my zooplus".
  • You can also earn extra points on some special offers and promotions. These are advertised on our website and in our newsletters and will help you to get that special reward even faster. Special promotion points may have a shorter expiry date.


 Go to zooplus Loyalty Programme for Terms & Conditions and further information.